Kakadu Plum’s Vitamin C Benefits for Skin

Ever wonder how Vitamin C benefits the skin? If so, then it’s time to go deeper and discover more about this superfruit — the Kakadu plum.

“Kakadu plum” appears more frequently in my inbox and I’m enjoying it for three reasons: First, its name is fun. Next, Kakadu plum can compete with typical vitamin C products in terms of brightening. Three, it’s a natural product with a big impact.

vitamin c skin benefits

Some argue that natural skincare is inferior to chemical-based products. But dermatologists all agree that this is not the case.

Did you know?

Kakadu plum vitamin C content is the highest recorded level of natural ascorbic acid from any plant in the world — more than 100 times that of oranges. Yes, you read that correctly! It has 100x more vitamin C content. That’s why this greeny friend of ours is a buzzword in the skincare universe today. [1]

Pretty sure, Kakadu plum vitamin c content benefits both the skin and the body as it is a— superfood. (But don’t worry you’re not gonna be as masculine as Popeye. Lol)

Get To Know Kakadu Plum & Its Vitamin C Benefits

The Kakadu plum is a blooming plant that resembles an almond rather than a plum. The Kakadu plum, unlike other fruits, remains on the plant when it matures.

When you think of plum, you usually imagine the luscious, juicy kind found in most stores nowadays. But you know the Kakadu plum is much different.

It has a fleshy covering that surrounds a woody pit. It is smaller, more olive-shaped, and resembles a cherry in size and feel.

Terminalia Ferdinandia is the scientific name for the tree that produces this plum. The Billy Goat plum, binge, green plum, wild plum, murunga, manmohpan, and marnybi are all names for the Kakadu plum.

This Kakadu plum is about the size of an olive or cherry, with a hard, woody seed encased in an edible fruit covering. It is commonly used in jams, preserves, sauces, chutneys, juices, and ice cream flavors. Its harvesting is between early March and June, depending on the monsoon season.

With so much vitamin C, Kakadu Plum is a nutritious powerhouse. Anyone who struggles to get enough vitamin C from fruits and vegetables might enjoy the Kakadu plum. [2]

Kakadu Plum: Interesting Facts

For thousands of years, the Kakadu plum was a traditional medicine to treat a range of ailments.

This one-of-a-kind plum has an adorable olive-green oval form with a wooden core in the center. It has a fibrous texture as well as a strong, acidic flavor.

The fruit and seed were historically eaten raw, while its sap is roasted and the bark is boiled. The sap and bark are used to cure skin ailments and wounds, while the tea is for treating colds and flu.

It is largely a wild harvest fruit. Because of the high Kakadu plum vitamin C content, you can eat it right off the tree. Though it’s more used as a flavoring in jams, preserves, and sauces. It also supplements sports drinks and aesthetic treatments.

Australian Aboriginal people used it as medicine rather than food on long hunting expeditions. The inner bark of the tree served as medicine to treat wounds, ulcers, and boils, as well as a variety of skin disorders and infections. Recent research has also identified antibacterial properties to it.

The Kakadu plum is a common bush food in northern Australia, and it is the “gift of the Dreamtime” by Aboriginal people. [3]

Vitamin C Benefits of Kakadu Plum For Skin

Kakadu plums are now proving to be just as beneficial in terms of skincare! Their high nutrient content can address practically any skincare issue. [4]

  1. Anti-aging

The Kakadu plum can help reduce wrinkles and fine lines due to its collagen-boosting effects. Antioxidants like vitamin C help prevent photoaging by neutralizing free radicals, which cause skin cells to become unstable. Allow Kakadu plum to keep you looking young and beautiful while minimizing environmental impact.

  1. Anti-inflammatory

Kakadu plums are a natural antidote to redness and inflammation due to their high antioxidant content. Kakadu is so great for sensitive skin, especially those suffering from inflammatory disorders such as acne or eczema.

  1. Immune-boosting

Kakadu Plum vitamin C benefits your immune system as well as your skin. Although the skin is the body’s primary line of protection, external factors such as UV radiation can compromise its immunity. Topical vitamin C boosts your skin’s defense, making it stronger and better able to defend you against threats like acne-causing germs.

  1. Dark Marks Disappear

Vitamin C stimulates the formation of melanin, the skin pigment that causes dark marks. Applying vitamin C using Kakadu-rich products, particularly toner, will help you say goodbye to hyperpigmentation.

  1. Skin Lightening

Vitamin C will brighten up your dull skin. It can brighten your overall appearance by smoothing and balancing uneven skin tones. It lightens the skin by reducing melanin production. When applied topically, vitamin C inhibits tyrosinase, the major enzyme involved in the conversion of tyrosine to melanin, reducing pigmentation.

  1. Speed-up Wound Healing

Kakadu plums are high in vitamin C, which aids in wound healing. If you have pimples, this may help you avoid acne scars. Scarring and infection are less likely to happen if your skin has healed.

  1. Collagen-boosting

This protein is located in your skin and helps to prevent sagging. True, as you get older, your body’s ability to make collagen decreases. When applied to the skin, vitamin C increases collagen formation. It also protects your existing collagen from harm.

Kakadu Plum In Your Skincare

Vitamin C is essential for glowing skin since it aids in the firming and fading of dark spots. It can also assist with acne and improve how the skin reacts to UV light. All thanks to Kakadu Plum! Its natural Vitamin C benefits leave your skin feeling rich and glowing. It is also detoxifying and reliable in removing impurities from within. [5]

Instead of purchasing a store-bought face mask, consider making your own Kakadu Plum face mask at home. This recipe, which calls for Kakadu Plum Powder, is a perfect place to start when it comes to cleansing your skin.

Kakadu Plum and Oatmeal Mask

a third cup of instant oats

1/2 cup boiling water

1 tsp honey

1-2 tablespoons plain unsweetened yogurt

1 teaspoon Kakadu plums powder

Keep cool this summer with Kakadu Plum Powder, and don’t forget your skin’s happiness!

vitamin c skin benefits

Side Effects and Risks

Although there have been no reports of dangerous adverse effects yet, as with any new food, if you suffer an allergic reaction, discontinue its use immediately.

Final Thoughts

The Kakadu plum is an excellent choice because of its high vitamin C benefits plus the antioxidants it contains provide extra boosts. Consider incorporating it into your diet a couple of times per week. It may be ideal for boosting the immune system before, during, and after travel, and being the world’s most vitamin C-rich food, the health advantages are more than enough.

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